Tuesday, April 21, 2009

thank goodness!

that i know how to parallel park in a spot just exactly big enough for my car! all my classes are at the opposite end of campus from my apartment and there is no real parking lot for those buildings so you're lucky if you can find a spot on the street. now i know, i should just walk right? well i walked everyday last semester and it i totally didn't mind it but now my classes start every day at 7:45 am! i'd rather not have to get bundled up to walk a mile in the cold morning wind and i like to have that extra ten/fifteen minutes to make myself breakfast.

yesterday was a great first day! in all four classes we just went over the syllabus and got out early! my weeks will go as follows for the next three months...
7:45-8:45 clinical 2 for medical assisting
9-10 adv. first aid
11:30-12:30 medical law/ethics
3-4:30 modern dance...which i am sooo looking forward to!
7:45-8:45 ma clinical lab
9:45-11:15 medical billing/coding
7:45-8:45 clinical
9-10 adv. first aid
11:30-12:30 med law/ethics
3-4:30 modern
7:45-8:45 clinical lab
9:45-11:15 med billing/coding
7:45-8:45 clinical
9-10 adv. first aid
11-1:45 adv. writing/technical communication
3-4:30 modern

my favorite part of the school week, well beside dance classes, is devotional. i love it! its so wonderful to be able to just take a break from regular classes and studying in the middle of the week to feel the spirit and listen to great talks! its always tuesday afternoons at two...and guess what the first one of the semester was on?! eternal marriage! haha. and of course things that go along with preparing for it and strengthening it. it made me see more of how true this gospel really is and how much i love it, how excited i am to soon be able to share something so amazing with someone i love so much, and the blessings that come from the decisions to make right choices in life.

just a thought that one of my teachers talked about today that i really like...
so you know when you are driving if you turn around to get something or look somewhere else eventually you start steering a bit towards that direction. well that's how life is. i know it is something that is pretty obvious but she just put in a different perspective for me and made me realize how true it really is in life. if we don't completely focus ourselves on what we want out of life, who we want to be, where we want to go, or even the short term goals we wish to achieve you will never get there. you can't let yourself get distracted. not only do you have to focus yourself on where it is you're going you must make sure the things that are happening in your life are directing you to what or where ever it is that you wish to be. i know this to be true in my own life. it may not always be easy but it is worth every single struggle and will always make life that much better when you fully focus on what is straight ahead and not the distractions along
the way.

oh i almost forgot! i've completed my goal everyday since i've been here and i'm up to the running stages :) it feels so good! is it really so bad to exercise on sunday? i mean really.. i'm taking care of my body, it lifts my mood, i DO feel close to my heavenly father when i am running/walking/dancing. i don't understand why some people look down at it?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

happy and sad...

i'm back to rexburg again for my final semester at byu-idaho. and i'm not sure if i'm happy or sad... you can be both right? i seriously have been so blessed being able to attend this amazing university. i just love it! i wouldn't have wanted my college experience to be any other way. i've learned so much and come so far, met wonderful people, danced and performed my fullest, and come to appreciate san diego like i couldn't imagine. i'm sad to have to say good-bye to the place where i've made my home for the last three semesters, where i have enjoyed/loved to learn, dance, perform, and grow spiritually. but at the same time that i am so sad i am sooo happy to know that the reason why i'm not coming back is only the best thing that will ever happen to me. it will be hard to get through the semester without seeing brian but in the end we will be together forever and i'll have been so glad that i did come back to finish the education that has always been important to me.

monday: ten hours of driving to layton=headache and dizziness, but so glad to make it safely to the best aunt and uncle, brent and rachel, and their five cutest boys ever. i always make sure i leave a couple days or so early before i really need to because i love being able to spend time with them. they are such a fun, entertaining family! thanks brent and rachel for being so awsome and letting me stay with you :) love you guys!
tuesday: hung out, went to lunch with brent and rachel and my freakin so funny/cute cousins. and tried to decide if i should leave then or wednesday to be able to get the room i like in the apartment (since its first come first serve). but my wonderful friend/roommate abby saved it for me!
wednesday: three more hours to rexburg! sadly it was either raining or snowing the whole time! but after drinking way too much water, almost peeing my pants, a few bathroom stops later i made it and it was sunny :) but still freezing and annoyingly windy! the best part of the day is finding that mice decided to make rachel (friend&roommate) and mys storage unit a home!! nice! so everything is covered in poop and pee and smells so good, not really. so after a few mice run out and the storage unit guy cleans up their nest i get to move all my smelly, poopy stuff, in the now raining weather, to the apartment. what a lovely move it was.
thursday: started a program for beginning runners! it starts you out by walking going in ten stages, the stages lasting four days, and at the end, stage ten, you should be able to run for thirty min. straight. my ankle is not fully healed yet from spraining it almost nine months ago and i really want to be able to run because i just love the feeling of it so i figured this would be a good/healthy way to help get my body used to it again. now, in addition to doing the nyc ballet workout, i am sleeping a lot better and really looking forward to getting back to dancing with an almost normal ankle. so my goal is to complete a day of the running program ever day that i don't have dance class. we'll see how that goes...maybe if i make it a point to keep you informed on how i'm doing it will motivate me more to achieve my goal :)
friday: purchased the text books i need for my classes and showed my friend david around campus a bit since its his first time here. completed day two of my goal!

mom and dad, i want to thank you so much for being such wonderful parents! i know i don't show my appreciation like i should sometimes when i'm home but when ever i get back to school i always wish i did. i love you both so much! thank you for always supporting me and trusting me in everything! dad, thank you for being able to give me a blessing when i need it...i know that they help me tremendously! mom, thank you for always being so good at helping me with the wedding planning :) tyler, buggie, forrest, and jordy i hope you enjoy reading about my oh so exciting life in rexburg... um well not really so exciting , i love you lots!