Saturday, September 11, 2010

date night.

let me just tell you about my hot date last night...
he opened my door, held and kissed my hand, and made me laugh.. a lot!
we grabbed blankets, picked up some delicious submarina to go.
in the car he told me all the things i didn't know about golf (which is about everything), so i learned lots, we (well mostly he) sung and danced to glee, and we headed off into the sunset (which didn't really exist because of that darn marine layer).
we made ourselves a little picnic on the grass at la jolla. we cuddled close and fought over our tiny blanket because it was freezing! we laid under the the few stars and laughed and talked and tried to keep each other warm. it was magical and oh so much fun.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

bring on the cold!

as much as i love summer today made me so excited for fall! the decorations around the house for each new holiday (which i am dying to use my new autumn/halloween ones), the crisp night air, the cozy sweaters, the super yummy smelling candles that make you want to eat them... too bad it's san diego and this is about as fall as it gets. i miss rexburg. i want orange, yellow, and red trees. i want actual chilly weather. but on the other hand i'm so glad i live here :) where i don't have to worry if its too cold to wear flip flops or not. maybe a trip to julian will be a must this coming season. so i can feel like we have seasons.

today i'm grateful to continue to find out how common miscarriages are. the more women i talk to about it, not only does it make me feel better letting it out more and just talking about it and not holding it, but it seems like each one of them has had at least one if not more! it just makes me feel better knowing that it IS so common even if it's not always talked about. and then seeing these women with their multiple kids gives me a sense of peace, like its okay and i'll get my chance. (and reminding myself how much work it all is and that this life before kids i'll never ever have back. ever.) even though i'm sad at times i really am sooo enjoying the time we have right now to just be a husband and a wife to each other. even though children bring such joy i'm scared for how they will change brian and me. i know it will be a wonderful change but at the same time its a very new and forever change.

now lets move to this street,
ride our bikes, and jump in the leaves.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

i can do hard things.

this family's story makes me so incredibly grateful for the gospel in my life. and helps me daily to remember that we can do hard things. we are here to do hard things! and no matter what those hard things are in your life there is always worse. i am grateful for my personal trials and for others who so willingly share their trials, which help me get through my own more than they know.

i am grateful for sundays and the time i have to reflect on the important things in our life. i am thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows us best and who knows more than we do. its times when when you loose a part of you but in the middle of having that punched in the stomach feeling that you can only be happy, for your Heavenly Father has blessed you and continues to do so with so much more. i know that without the gospel of Jesus Christ my life would not be full. i know that families are forever and that we are here on earth to teach each other.