Wednesday, August 24, 2011

18 weeks.

18 weeks today!!? what? where has the time gone! before we know it two weeks will have gone by and we will know what this little babe is! any guesses? i'm voting girl and brian is, of course, very sure it's a boy. so we'll see. i don't have any major intuitions about it being a girl i'm just hoping for it :)

we are feeling pretty good these days. as expected, i'm super tired but with cramps (almost like period cramps) and bad back aches if i do too much. so i've been trying to let myself rest more often. i've learned that a hard work out and then being on my feet the rest of the day usually is not a good idea. especially if i haven't eaten much! lately i don't really have an appetite but that is not a good thing when you HAVE to eat. i still have some sick days/times but i'm so glad it's lightened up the last couple of weeks. right now we are loving fresh cold cucumber slices, juicy melon, i guess anything fresh and cold containing lots of water sounds good, and mexican food. and of course those random cravings, like muddy buddies, which i make and then only eat a few bites of as the rest sits there days later getting stale.

18 weeks (i was on my way to the gym so not the best picture)
i always forget to stay in a cute outfit to get a belly picture because i live in pajamas once i get home.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

our little adventure and a little baby bump

since our days off from work are opposite we don't have a lot of time do much together. so we took advantage of my wednesday off this week and stayed the night camping in big bear. i guess we are counting it as a our two year anniversary adventure too... since it's coming up on monday!

morning sun

making breakfast

driving to the trail

post hike baby bump [16 weeks]
....i had just drank a ton of water so it might be more my bump than baby's bump.

and i guess i should give a little pregnancy update:

sickness- up until about now i've had the worst nausea! only thrown up a total of i think four times but i wish it was more because at least there was a little relief afterwards. i was always to the point where i'd start walking to the toilet but then nothing would happen and i'd just keep feeling like i could puke at any second...all. night. long. in the beginning it was pretty much there all day but the worst once the evening hit. then eventually it got less in the day, which was great because i could make it through work, but then still horrible at night.
i always had to eat to keep it from getting worse so i just felt like i was always eating and never exercising because i was too sick. now it's still there in the evening/night but i don't feel like i'm dying.

food/cravings- it's hard to say i have certain cravings because i feel like had them before i was pregnant too. (doesn't everyone?) but i do notice a few things that are different. i looove really cold water! like lots of ice! it just tastes so good. i've always liked spicy/sour things but now i really want them. i think the sour candy helps settle my stomach a bit too. and luckily i don't get heartburn from them yet. only at night from drinking sooo much water. and water! i feel like i can never drink enough! i'll drink so much my belly hurts but still feel like i haven't had a single drop. and then of course i start having to pee every 10 minutes!
i was eating all the time because i was always hungry and needed to help the nausea but now i don't ever really feel like eating and i have a hard time deciding what sounds good. which is really annoying because i start feeling sick if i don't eat something.

one thing i hate is my total lack of motivation around the house. i usually love cleaning/organizing everything and i do a great job keeping up with all the chores on a regular basis. mostly because it feels so good to have a clean home and i don't mind making/keeping it that way. but now it doesn't even bother me anymore to let the dishes sit for four days when i used to do them right away, or let the bathroom go a few weeks instead of weekly. i think now that i'm not as sick it's getting better but man i have lots of things to catch up on! lets hope that nesting stage hits full force in the end so i make up for all the time i didn't care.

and of course there are all those symptoms of pregnancy that you forget actually happen until you are pregnant... constipation, extremely sore boobs, preggo brain (or forgetting everything), being able to smell eveeeerything! (i used to have to hold my breath when i would open the fridge or cabinets), breakouts, unable to get comfortable at night, being super grouchy, and there's probably lots more that i can't think of right now. at least some of these only last a little while but then there are lots more that will be coming my way...stretch marks, feel free to stay away.