Wednesday, February 20, 2013

what i loved... 7th edition

week #7

last week seemed to be filled with so much more to love than the week before.  it was such a good week!  i feel like Quinn is at that age where things like play group and trips to the zoo are becoming more for her than me now.  we had lots of time to play just me and her.  and it was in those quiet little moments together at home on the floor with our books and toys that i remember why being a mom is the most rewarding thing i'll ever do!

started the week off right with some sunday baking 

enjoyed a valentine's day tantrum

and a go around lake murray with liana!

some serious and loud conversations with that luffa duck in the corner

she thinks she is so funny while i'm telling her to sit down

loving our first zoo trip with friends!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

what i loved... 6th edition

week #6 (a week late)

week six was pretty uneventful.  it was full of the every day things and such.  you know the days were it seems like it goes... feed baby, clean up baby, clean up baby's messes, play with baby, repeat, and repeat.  throw in lots of household chores, workouts, grocery shopping and errands, nannying, and there you have it.  but i do love those weeks where you just feel like you're getting things done!

except monday night... we did venture out to Tio Leo's for dinner.  and oh did it hit the spot or what?! i was definitely in need of that delicious mexican food.  and it looks like quinn enjoyed her lemon slices just as much! silly girl!

i think somebody dropped her lemon... 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

a birthday picnic in the park...

Quinn's 1st Birthday!
(in lots of pictures)

 just look at that face! she wants that cupcake bad!

of course she just wants the bows!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

what i loved... 5th edition

week #5

this week started out great! monday was my 24th birthday!  is it weird to think that i feel so old... i remember being younger wondering what my life would be like at 22, 23, 24...  would i still be in college? would i be married? have a kid or two?  it's crazy that i'm the age i always wondered about.  i'd have to say that life is pretty great at 24 even though i don't feel like i really am this age.  is it just me or are birthdays just weird once you get older?

thankfully brian had the day off and we planned on a date out without the babe.  my poor quinn had her 12 month doctors appointment that day and got a shot in each leg and arm. :( FOUR shots and a thumb prick for a blood sample made for one very sad sad girl.  i felt bad leaving her at brian's parents after all of that but thankfully she got a good nap in and always has the time of her life playing over there being spoiled by them so she was set!  we headed off to ikea to grab a few things (our nightstand lamps have been without working bulbs for almost a year! am i slacker or what?! ...not really thaaat much of slacker just hate going all the way there for one thing with a very needy baby that HAS to have her naps at home!), had a late lunch/early dinner at the cheesecake factory (delicious!!), window shopped while waiting to see a movie, and then ordered some cheesecake to go after the movie.  after we picked up and got the babe in bed for the night we enjoyed our cheesecake and caught up on our shows.  it was sooo nice just to get out only the two of us!  it was a much need day!

the rest of the week was all about getting ready for quinn's first birthday party!  i've never thrown anything by myself but i'd say it was a success!  everything turned out great and without going toooo overboard i was happy i spent the time i did on the few things that made it a little extra special. (i know, she won't remember a thing.  but it was still worth it and i had fun doing it!)

i loved having a great beginning to a busy week. and loved that it ended perfectly with a little party celebrating our favorite one year old with our favorite people!