Tuesday, May 18, 2010

B&C update

1. brian's new schedule started a couple weeks ago. he hates it and i thought i loved it. he now works 6am-4pm mon-thurs. its more like a normal schedule which is better than what it used to be which was weekend nights. but i feel like i see him less now. he is tired all the time and i'm not a fan of being woken up just hours before i need to for class. but! we can actually go to church together now which is the highlight, for me, of his new schedule! no more driving separate cars and then me staying by myself for the last two hours. we even get to take a sunday nap together!
also...date night finally! not that we didn't before but it seemed like having it in the middle of the week didn't always workout. we can now have a normal saturday night date night :) i love my hubby!

2. i started my last two classes online that i need to finally complete my degree. i am NOT a fan of online classes. it is mostly a bunch of busy work that i learn almost nothing from. i don't have any other choice for these classes because they are only offered at byu-i. its just so annoying. i always wonder what it would be like to still be there and to be getting the degree i originally wanted. to wear the cap and gown and NOT have had to take two classes at a community college so i can transfer them. oh well. i sure miss my college life but i have so much more now, so i just need to suck it up and live it.

3. we started p90x....like everyone else and their mother.

4. if i wouldn't have slacked this past weekend i would still be on track with it and this would be only the fourth week. what ever. i don't want to be muscle women i just wanted a new form of exercise. i am still planning on continuing though... but maybe with just an extra day for my muscles to rest since i still have dance class twice a week. brian does it sometimes which is better than his exercise routine before, which consisted of nothing. so i'm proud of him for wanting to do it with me!

5. my biceps grew a whole .5 inches since starting! i know i know. but i was excited to see some kind of change in something!

6. i do realize our lives are kind of boring and there isn't much to update about. ...mostly i just can't think of everything all at once.

the end.

polaroids of life.

when i think back over years in my life i try to remember all that i can. its hard to remember what i was like, what i was doing and thinking on a day to day bases. i can remember a lot, but of course not everything. at times i wish we could capture all the moments of joy, change, trails, and life into our own little life movie. its times in my life like right now when i want that most. years down the road when i have a lap full of kids i want to be able to remember all that i can about the times when it was just brian and me. or right now when i think about how much attending college at byu-i changed me, improved me, and gave me greater sense of the gospel...i wish to relive those life altering times but from an outside view. my life with brian is more than i could have ever imagined it to be and i don't want these times to be a blurry memory one day.