Sunday, May 31, 2009

mother's weekend!

what a great weekend spent with my mommy! she arrived on thursday night and left just this afternoon. so it was short but sweet. i've always been jealous of all the other students whos moms i would see with them at class. now it was my turn and it was fun for me to share my life up here with her for just a few days. especially since when i do get home we won't have much quality time together before the wedding. friday was a long/tiring day of classes but she wanted to sit through all of them and i'm glad :) but these are few highlights/fun things...

-my favorite was that she was able to come to my dance class on the day we did our dance for midterms. it has always made me sad when i perform here and my family doesn't get to watch so it was nice for her to watch me dance in class for once in a long long time
-delicious snoasis
-texas road house...i can't believe i've been missing out on ribs for this long!? so good :)
-she finally got to see me in my wedding dress!
-william joesph pianist concert
-staying up way too late talking
-having a weekend to not focus on school and what i thought would be a weekend where i wouldn't miss brian but nope that didn't happen i still did way too much!
-beautiful sunny warm weather!

now its time to cram for my two test in the next two days. i was so tempted to just shove myself into her luggage and GO HOME! but the semester is half overrrr!!!
thank you so much for coming mommy! i love you so much and even though i am getting married that doesn't mean i'm not your daughter...i will still come home and will still always love you and need you in my life! hope you had fun :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

there is nothing like it, ever!

i can't express how much i LOVE dance! there aren't words that can explain how good it feels. great, moving music that creates movement within modern class felt so awesome today that it just makes everything all better. i know the class is great when i walk away thinking to myself that wow i didn't think of any of my other stresses the whole time... when the movement makes you unconsciously forget about all your worries and you just get lost and don't want it to stop. i encourage everyone to get moving. it doesn't matter what you do just move your body and enjoy this wonderful gift that our heavenly father has created for us.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

LOVE it!

so i am reading the book The Five Love Languages and i highly recommend it to everyone! well anyone in a relationship...whether you are having struggles within your relationship or not it seriously is a great book! so start reading :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

together again

with the death of both my great-grandpa and my great-grandma within six days of each other its been hard to know exactly how i'm feeling lately (and it doesn't help that i am so far away from brian). i wasn't as close to them as i would have liked but i think that is what makes me the most sad. they were truly amazing people and i do have many many memories of them while staying the night at their home when i was young. i was so glad that i was able to make it home to san diego this past weekend for the double funeral and to be with family. this is certainly a time when i am incredibly grateful for the knowledge of this wonderful gospel we have on this earth today. i know that families are forever and that our heavenly father has a wonderful plan for each of us who strive to live what we know is right. this site tells of who they were and the millions of awesome things they accomplished... but it will never give back that feeling/smell/love i got when walking into their home.

thank you to grandpa spence and grandma kathy for flying me home for a beautiful weekend at home! thank you so much brian for taking the day off of work to be with me on saturday! it really meant so much to me to have you there. i love you like crazy! now its back to a week of three exams, two article reviews, lots of busy work and the cold, crappy weather.