Tuesday, September 13, 2011

sneak peek of Quinn's nursery

spice racks used as book shelves
framed mirror to be painted coral
brian is not a fan of this crib but i've always loved it! i love that it looks a little old fashioned and that it's not super bulky!
can't go wrong with a $20 rug!
(cause we all know the kid is going to make a mess of it eventually)

i've always been obsessed with this pillow!
(so i'm glad you're a girl Quinn so i can finally have it in my home because it doesn't go with our living room or bedroom)

lovely fabric for a fitted sheet and changing pad cover
(i've never been a fan of the bedding sets and the site i found to create your own is ridiculously expensive! so i'm making the sheet with this pretty fabric and still on the hunt for a softer yellow, preferably stripped, for the bed skirt)

these soft blue curtains but floor length

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Q is for...

our sweet baby GIRL Quinn!!!!

...and this is how we told our families :)

(these are all 20 weeks)
performing well :)

scary looking skeleton fetus

her none scary side

our little Quinn is apparently quite the dancer! it took the sonographer a good amount of time and me moving from sided to back to side to get all the measurements that were needed. she just wanted to keep moving all around. we saw her little legs running on my bladder, playing peek-a-boo, and waving her tiny little hand at us!

my favorite part of the day is when brian says to me as he wants me to come over to him, "bring me my daughter." i about died! how cute is he to say that :)

oh man i'm still in shock! for a while now i've thought it was girl. at first i was like, i really think it might be a girl but then i just thought am i just thinking that because that's what i wanted. and i didn't want to be wrong about it so i kept an open mind. we already had our girl name picked out since our first pregnancy about a year ago but weren't too sure about our boy options. so the last few weeks i kept trying to find boy names that i felt like i could call my little boy but nothing really seem to fit. and now i know why :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

it's a....

boy or girl?? two more days and we will have an answer!! i can't believe i'm about half way through already! i feel like i've gotten so used to 'the baby in my belly' that it's so crazy to me that it really is a little baby boy or a little baby girl. and finding this out will make it so much more real that this little person is going to be a part of our family, in our little home... with it's own personality and needs. and i will be the mom of this little person! i will be the one responsible to teach and love our little person. i sure hope that i can do this! it's such a huge responsibility, but then i also remember it is the most important one you can have here on earth! what a blessing it is to be trusted with this sweet little child! i'm so glad our Heavenly Father knows us and what we need. i know this little person is coming to us to teach us so much, to show us more love than we can imagine. this adventure will not be the easiest but i know it will be the best and most rewarding thing we ever do!

19.5 weeks