Sunday, September 30, 2012

8 months

and here we have the many faces of Quinn...

showing off some of our new teeth!

"are we done yet?! i have things to go chew on!"

Quinn at eight months...
-you have teeth!!! you got three all at once! the two bottoms and the second top right.  and boy does it make you whinny and clingy!
-after your six month check up they wanted you to come back in for a weight check after six weeks cause you didn't gain very much from 4-6 months.  you went from the 5th percentile to the 1st percentile.  buuut after lots of attempts to fatten you up and making you actually finish eating even when you didn't want to because you would rather be your busy self... you gained almost two pounds in those six weeks! from 12.11 lbs. at the six month check up to 14 lbs. six weeks later.  a lot of the time getting you to eat is a struggle because you are so into your surroundings.  we usually end up in another room where there is no one to look at.
-miss smarty pants can now turn the book pages.  and you do it with quite determination.  i'll lift the corner up a bit, you turn your head to the side so you can try and see the next page and then you grab that page and push it out of your way so you can study what is next.  i love when you do this because you look so smart, like you're really into what you're reading. a lot of the time i can't even actually read the book to you because you're too busy 'reading' it yourself and then quickly onto the next page. 
-you looove little kids and babies.  most of the time they don't even have to be doing anything to entertain you but you will start flailing those arms and kicking and panting, just getting so excited.  you love it and giggle lots when we chase them so you can get them or if they run up to you saying 'boo'.
-you can now scooch/army crawl.  you usually only save it for when you reeeally want something and won't go too far.  you'll go a little ways and then start whining to be sat up on your bum again.  
-much better at eating food.  but you won't eat the green veggies unless i mix a little fruit in.  i've given you some cheerios on your tray but i don't think you get that they are for eating yet and you won't really let me put them in your mouth. so for now you just practice picking them up and occasionally lick them.
-still three naps. still about a two hour awake span. i thought it would become longer as you got older because a lot of our baby friends do with a lot less napping and more awake time than you. but i guess you just need your sleep.  i've tried getting you to go longer between sleep times but you are very good at letting us know you're tired!  and i've learned too that you'll refuse to eat if you're too tired and then end up skipping a whole feeding time, or if you're over tired you have a harder time getting to sleep and then don't sleep as long as you should and end up waking up still tired.  
-finally you are in 3-6 month size clothes.
-you have learned the art of screaming.  not in a sad or mad screaming but just a i'm talking/excited scream.  it's pretty funny, and loud!
-you do NOT sit still while people hold you unless you have a very entertaining toy.  you are constantly wanting to get something or straining yourself to look at/get something you can't have.  even when you want me to hold you, you still are trying to get out of my arms like you know how to just walk away and get what ever it is you want. (i tell brian that i think you're going to be a leash child haha lets hope not!)
-we took you to feed the ducks.  we were super close to them and you thought it was the best thing! you would start giggling at them when they got a little crazy. it was so funny.  who knew feeding the ducks could be so fun!