Tuesday, March 15, 2011

weekend forts

first off let me please share with you the high light of my day...
when i saw this i think i gasped a little too loud.
and then i couldn't stop laughing just
thinking of all the thing you do with your hands on a daily basis,
but having to do it all with freakishly, freaky long nails!!!
does this make me a horrible person judging and all?
....but seriously?! really??

(this was at brian's post op appt. this morning in the waiting room
sitting maybe five feet from the check-in desk...that's what i mean about gasping a little loud. AND to top it off when i took the picture with my iphone it made the picture taking sound!)

on another none making fun of people note,
our nephew Kamden stayed over friday night.
i went out to dinner with all three of my favorite sisters-in-law
and brian took him to boomers.

how cute! they made a boys only fort!
kam made a sign and
(don't tell but i had to help brian out on his fort making skills)

(husband and his creepy stash...
he can't have facial hair at work so he thought he would be lazy
and not shave during his time off from surgery.)

probably should have taken out the real camera so husband wouldn't look so scary!!

it think its safe to say that brian might have been
more excited than the six year old.
once kam feel asleep i tried to see if brian wanted to come to bed with me
cause i just wanted a little cuddle.
no way did that happen! he wanted to sleep in the fort!

the next day i was gone most of the day at the gym and a baptism.
he said he was going to clean up the fort and do a few other things....
i came home to this. haha he looked so cute and cozy i just had to join him!
so we left it up all weekend and had a date night of dinner and movie in our awesome fort.

Friday, March 11, 2011

read me.

need an inspirational story?
read this!!!
how touching and real.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

sicky hubby.

monday at home after surgery:

tonight, three days later:

i just love this man so much!
brian got his gallbladder removed on monday.
i feel so bad for him and how much pain he is in.
one of his incisions is looking really nasty.
normally i am totally all about that stuff...grosser the better!
but for some reason when i look at it on him it makes me sick...i literally almost threw up today when he showed me how it got worse!
i guess i just love him too much that i can't stand to see it on him.
i love everything medicine, blood, and guts.
i've seen three babies be born but
when i was helping brian change to go home after surgery
i had to sit down and put my head down to prevent myself from passing out
after seeing the tinniest bit of dried blood on him.
what is my deal!?!?!? i guess i'm emotionally attached or something!

can't wait to actually give a real hug to my best friend!