Friday, April 29, 2011


is it just me or are holidays no where near what they used to be like when you were a kid. everything about holidays was so fun and exciting and now they almost feel like any other day. one thing i am grateful for about being a grown up and holidays is that now i can really understand the meaning of them. Easter was great! church was just what i needed to hear and the afternoon was spent with my family. what a blessing it is to have the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives and to be able to celebrate His resurrection. i can't wait to share such a wonderful thing with my children some day and teach them about the love of the Savior and the blessings He as in store for us! i hope you had a great easter as well and happy friday!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

babies/blurry iphone pictures

meet carmen. the youngest of the four triana kids that i nanny.
i've known them since the third alex, who's six, was a baby.
carmen will be three in may and she can fold her clothes better than some of her older siblings can. i even taught them how to fold... but she learned on her own.
she is a little obsessed with clothes you should know.
her reward for pooping in the potty is getting to wear her favorite pipple (purple) outfit. not candy, a sticker, or a treat, but clothes. haha i love her!

where has the time gone??!
i remember when she used to fit in this little baby towel of hers.
her new favorite thing is a 'pink bath'.
(just a little red food coloring makes for a happy day!)

we love to bake cookies while the big kiddos are at school.

i pull out the chocolate chips for the batter 'oooh i like those'
so i let her eat some batter with chips
'pina (carina) that make me happy! i do it again?'
haha cutest thing ever!

cousins avery and krew matching in their paul frank jammies.

baby hawk at big brother reef's birthday party. i could let him sleep on me all day!

and our newest addition in the schimpf family!!! baby brock, so fresh and new!


my poor, sad, little blog is definitely in need of some attention! it's just i'd sooo rather be blog stalking everyone else's fabulous lives than trying to find an interesting way to write about my own. you see, i do think of great things to blog about but then i procrastinate blogging about them and then i forget them.

the most exciting thing around here is that we moved!!! about two and half weeks ago we upgraded from our little one bedroom (which was actually a great size for being one bedroom) to an upstairs/downstairs two bedroom, one and a half bath. we looove it! there is a patio too! (i know. i get excited about the little things okay.) i love being able to eat breakfast in the morning sun! and best of all the manager, our next door neighbors, are my cousin and one of brian's best friends from growing up. plus they have the cutest little one year old that i get to play with all the time :) so i guess packing, cleaning, moving and then unpacking can be my excuse for the lack of blogging. but we are finally settled in with maybe only one or two boxes of the random stuff i don't know what to do with left. now i'm just dying to be able to have an excuse to decorate the second bedroom, like say for a baby or something. on that note...lets just say i'm crossing my fingers every month and forcing myself to tell myself that i need to stop thinking about it if i want it to happen. on the other hand, i'm afraid i'm going to have to go through it a third time and i don't feel like being more of an emotional mess.

i can't believe it is already half way through april! some things i'm looking forward to:
-my mom and sisters coming over tomorrow to see our new place, bbq some delicious burgers, and maybe some hiking after.
-a baby shower on saturday for my newly adopted little baby cousin.
-lake havasu with the schimpfs next week!!!
-my sewing class which i. can. not. wait. for.

and just one thing i could definitely live without...brian working sundays starting in two weeks
(my favorite part of the week is sitting next to him during church)
four months. i can do four months. i can.