Thursday, April 26, 2012

3 months

Quinn at 3 months:
-i've cut out chocolate and broccoli from my diet and you are muuuch happier!  i knew you were always a happy baby but you would sometimes just cry/scream for 30-60 minutes and i knew it was because you were hurting but i didn't know what to do for you. i tried gas drops but that wasn't working.  and when everyone else said that the drops always helped their baby i knew it was something else for you.  in the back of my head something kept telling me it was the chocolate i was eating.  and it was! sad for me but i'm so happy it's made such a difference for you! i cut out dairy from week two because you were projectile vomiting and now we know that broccoli and chocolate give you bad tummy aches and dairy makes you spit up lots.  i'm glad i've taken the time to notice these things because it has made all the difference!  it's hard for me but i will do what ever it takes for you not to be so cranky :)
-you are the most smiley baby
-tummy time is much better!  you can hold you cute head up so high and for so long now.
-at 2.5 months you rolled over from tummy to back for the first time!
-you don't really like to be held laying down unless you're sleepy.  you are too interested in everything going on around you.  people have told me you look like such a smart baby because you really concentrate when you're looking around.
-since you've found your hands you can get quit slobbery.  hello drool!
-if you're not sitting up enough you'll do a little crunch to lift yourself up more, especially in your car seat.  i can't tell if you just want to be up or if you're watching your little feet move around. 
-newborn size clothes are just now starting to be a bit snug. you tiny thing!
-you've been pretty consistent about bedtime being around nine.  
-still waking up once to nurse anywhere from 2-4:30 am.
-usually up for the day around 7:30-8 am, except the last few days have been just after 6! not a fan of that! but today you made it until 8 thank goodness!!
-naps are still irregular but the last few days you've taken some longer ones.
-while nursing you're little arm flails around unless i hold your hand.  i love holding your little hand :)
-and you still won't latch on without the nipple shield.  i'm glad we have it because you probably would not be nursing if we didn't, you stubborn thing.  but at the same time it makes nursing frustrating for me because it makes a mess and you always knock it off.  and if we have to cover up cause we're not at home it's even more annoying trying to get it to stay on while wrestling you to latch on.  sometimes you nurse great but you often fight me and i'll have to trick you with your pacifier and switch it out fast. 
-you still love the bath 
-still swaddled with eyes covered to go to sleep 
-when you get sleepy you'll fold your hands or have your arms down to your sides like you are ready to be wrapped up
-you love to be changed.  as soon as i lay you down on the changing table you start moving your arms and kicking your legs like crazy and do this little panting/fast breathing thing like you're all excited.  (even in the middle of the night when you're sleepy) you've done this from the beginning but i think as soon as you figure out how to move your little body away from me changing will become a whole new thing.
-you did your first real big baby giggle for liana and taylor last saturday in target after our lunch at panera. you did so good to!  you're pretty content when there is lots going on around you.
-you really only cry when you're tired now that i've helped you not to get belly aches anymore.
-still get hiccups multiple times a day and if they are really big you get mad at them.

baby hiccups... that aren't so baby

"here they come..."

"owe these are big ones!"

"i don't like them!"

"okay i think they're gone..."

"eee.. maybe not.."

"dang you hiccups!!"

Monday, April 9, 2012

TWO MONTHS too late.

there are so many cute faces to choose from so you get lots :)

Quinn at two months:
-9 lbs. 6 oz. & 21 1/4 in.
-can last 15-20 minutes on her own playing/talking to her toys.
-better at falling asleep but doesn't nap well past 30-45 minutes most of the time.
-almost always has to be held for a nap (wakes up if we set her down) but will sometimes fall asleep in her swing if swaddled and eyes are covered.
-she will fall asleep in her crib for bedtime though.
-still wakes between 2-4am for a night feeding.
-has very well earned the nickname "Drama Quinn"
-very alert and super smiley but can also be super fussy even when we try everything!
-eyes have to be covered to fall asleep.
-loves to be cuddly!
-has found her hands and will suck on them like crazy
-i've heard an little giggle a few times now
-still loves her pacifier
-my favorite thing so far is at random times while falling asleep or nursing she will look up at me with the biggest smiles and start talking and grinning away.
she is just so sweet!