Friday, November 25, 2011

30 weeks.

30 week bump.

this is a little late cause i'm now 31 weeks but you get the idea :)
feels like everything is going so much faster now!
i can't believe it's already time to take down fall decorations. feels like we just had halloween and now thanksgiving is over! this thanksgiving i was so overwhelmed with gratitude. i can't even think about being thankful without tearing up (maybe we'll blame that on the pregnancy hormones). we just have sooo much to be thankful for.

last week my sweet family threw the cutest baby shower! these girls are amazing at this sort of thing and it definitely showed. pictures to come later because i didn't get a chance to take any. but just think vintage, burlap, lace, doilies, fresh flowers, mason jars, the most delicious homemade breakfast foods, and a hot chocolate bar! it was perfect. and i was so happy to see all who came to share this special time. saying thank you isn't even enough!

this past month things have definitely changed on the pregnancy front.
-i've started feeling a TON of soreness/pressure on my pelvic floor muscles. didn't think i could be so sore without having done a hard workout. if i don't get off my feet enough i can barely walk!
-we are loving honey bunches of oats, fruit, and unfortunately candy.
-i'm starting to get a little anxious with it getting so close. there is no turning back! i have this vision of how her birth will go but i know i can't control any of it and that scares me. i want my body to do what it needs to without complications/intervention. i want her to be healthy and able to go straight to my chest, skin on skin. i'm working hard on not letting myself think about how things will go on birth day.. because we won't know until it happens. but there is just so much anticipation!

annnd we have finally agreed on a middle name! i wasn't totally in love with it at first but now i think it is just perfect! it has been her name all along.
but something has to be a surprise so you'll just have to wait and see :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Quinn's Dear Santa,

okay maybe my dear santa.
but i think i've finally found the perfect diaper bag!
...that doesn't look like a diaper bag but still has all the great features of one!
i found it on the babies r us website but they also have their own site with other products.
its a timi & leslie in the dawn style.
i've been searching for something that doesn't look like a typical diaper bag but that also has the features of one... like being water proof on the inside in case of spills, has lots of pockets so it's not just a gaping hole of mess to search through (i need organization!), and preferably the option of wearing it as a messenger bag too.
so here you have it plus more!

-detachable stroller straps and shoulder strap
-insulated bottle holder with clip-on handle
-key fob
-padded/large changing pad with mesh pocket for diapers
-mess bag for soiled clothes or what ever else you need it for
-three outside pockets
-six inside pockets
-zipper pouch thing for mom's essentials with inside zipper pocket and credit card slots

all the comments i've found about it are great and i watched the youtube videos that show every detail of it... which made me want it even more!
it is definitely more than i would ever spend on a bag because that's just me.
but i think considering the price of most diaper bags, the little extra is definitely worth it with all the extras it comes with and how nice it looks. and because it does look great i would totally use it way more than just having a typical diaper bag.