Tuesday, July 21, 2009

happy ending.

Wow i really can't believe that the end has finally come. the semester is two days away from over and my last final will be completed tonight after i perform in the choreographers dancers show case! i am so excited to say that surprisingly i did very well on my finals and although this is an amazing place to be i am not as sad as i thought i would be while ending my last semester at this wonderful university. it has taught me well and i am grateful for the person i have become during these past two years. i will definitely miss it dearly but i am so excited to start a new and awesome chapter in my life. its so crazy to me that this chapter is starting so soon, but i'm glad it is :) i wouldn't have wanted it to happen any other way.
i remember it was just last summer when i was telling myself and others i wasn't getting married for a long time and school is what i was focusing on...there were absolutely no plans of marriage in the near future. but i guess the best things come along when you least expect them to. and let me tell you, it couldn't have all happened in any better way than it has. Heavenly Father has truly blessed me. i feel so incredibly lucky to have had the opportunities i have had at byu-idaho. i feel even more lucky to have meet the man of my dreams when i did and where i did. i am so thankful i get to live in beautiful san diego, my home, forever. i can't describe to you the overwhelming feeling that comes over me when i finally arrive in san diego after being away in rexburg for a semester. i truly love home. byui has given me much greater appreciation for home, what it really means to me and how i feel when i am there and the lovely people that make it what it is. it is weird moving out for the last time. its like i don't exactly know how to feel about it yet. excited is what i do feel but at the same time its hard to say goodbye to this part of my life. this has been a rough semester though so i'm glad the end is finally here! and i can actually spend time with brian for once and not have to say goodbye to him! yay!