Wednesday, November 28, 2012

10 months

Quinn at ten months...
-on 11/15, about 9 and a half months, at your doctors appt. you weighed 15 pounds 6 ounces (6%) and was 26 (something i can't read) inches long (10%).  your head circumference was 43 cm (20%).
-you have four teeth on top and two on bottom.
-you can pull up to stand and get back down on your own very well now.
-can sometimes stand for a couple seconds on your own. 
-you can walk along the furniture, with a push toy, or holding our hands.  you've started going pretty fast on your push toy and it cracks me up every time because you're just so tiny that it's funny to see your little legs go!
-still loves dogs and cats, books, kids and other babies, outside, your pacifier, the bath, pointing and waving, the moon and lights at night!
-you are a little social butterfly! you smile at everyone and even when they aren't looking you'll smile at them and make some noise to see if they will pay attention to you. (i think you know how cute you are) so taking you to the store is always fun for me... it's like i have my own little show that everyone can't take their eyes off of.
-you can feed yourself great now and love doing so.  you prefer meatballs to chicken (you don't really eat chicken past a couple bites but you will scarf down pieces of meatball). you are not a fan of avocado which is a bummer because i was hoping you'd learn to like it and i could get some healthy fats in you! but if i smash it into some pureed fruit you kind of don't notice. you eat pretty much any other fruit and vegetable. you LOVE ritz crackers!  you have never really liked or wanted to take the time to eat, but when it's ritz it is like you are a whole different baby! i don't let you have them all the time so i make sure and hide them cause if you see them on the counter you'll get mad and not want to eat your other real food.  
-finalllyyy you don't take a third evening nap! you still get sleepy around dinner time but if we just give you a little quiet/down time or if we are out and there is lots going on you are good to go.  you just go to bed a little earlier now.
-you wake anytime around 6-7am, go down for a nap 8:30/9am and 12:30/1pm (and can sometimes take a while to stop playing in your crib until you fall asleep), a normal nap for you is about an hour and fifteen minutes but you often will have days where it only lasts thirty and then i pray that you'll fall back asleep for a little longer! sometimes you do, sometimes you don't.  bed about 7:30pm.. give or take, depending on how good of an afternoon nap you took and how cranky you're getting.
-you are off your reflux meds as of last week and once you've been off of it for about a month and are closer to one year we can start trying some dairy, like yogurt and cheese.  you're still on soy formula so i pray that you can/have overcome the milk protein sensitivity and diary won't be an issue. we will see!
-you are a speedy, drag one leg under you, crawler!
-can climb stairs
-lots of jibber jabber
-i don't think i mentioned it last month but you've been dancing since before then and i just loove it! you even dance when i sing silly made up songs or when daddy starts 'drumming' on the table.   the other day my phone only vibrated on the counter and you started moving to that! too cute!
-i feel like i'm forgetting so much but i can't think of any more right now...

...and only a month later my baby is sick again :( at least it's only a little cold and no diarrhea like last time (that was fun!).  but she did not want to take pictures. i even waited a few days for her to get (mostly) better but nope just wanted to be in my lap... so here we go!

did not want to be on that calendar and would just just scooch right off every time...

"okay, if mom makes a funny noise maybe i can stay for a second..."

"oh she's funny."

"mom, you're so weird!"

"alright that's enough. i want you now."

"whyyy did you put me back :("

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Quinn's first halloween!
we took her trick-or-treating with her cousins around brian's parents' neighborhood.  she enjoyed watching all the kids run around and seeing the lights and decorations... but i think i had more fun than she did!  

(he's missing his farmer hat)


my whoo-ing cow. still working on the 'moo'.
i should have made her an owl with all the 'whoo-ing' she does!

9 months

i can't believe she's been out of me as long as she has been in me!

Quinn at nine months...
-you can now pick up and eat cheerios well.  you don't eat anything else that's not pureed still. if it doesn't dissolve fast like cheerios or gerber puffs then you still gag on it and/or just spit it out.
-you can pull to standing! still learning how to get down once you are standing. so you often get up and then just scream, with your little legs shaking, until we help you.
-you can get back into a sitting position all by yourself now!  this is a great milestone because you no longer just whine while on your tummy... you can actually get around and do what you want!  the down side is that nap time is kind of torture.  now that you know how to go from laying down to sitting and standing at the side your crib you will play for forever instead of going to sleep. it's kind of like sleep training all over again.  sometimes i have to just rock you or kind of hold you down so you will stay laying until you calm down a bit and realize it's sleeping time.  you are seriously way too busy and determined!
-you are better at falling asleep in my arms now.  not all the time but there are times when you won't even go down unless i rock you, which used to never happen!  even when you're so ready for a nap when i lay you in your crib you just don't stop going like you have things to do... so i think you are just able to relax more if i hold you.
-you have moved from the army crawl to the one leg scooting, crawling thing.
-you are loving books even more.  i think that is when you are the most calm and concentrated is when you are just looking at your books by yourself.  it's so cute watching you try and really figure out what's on the page or get at it with your little fingers.
-you have four teeth on top and two on bottom.
-weigh about 15 pounds and wear size 3-6 months clothes.
-you 'who' like an owl and point all the time.
-you're a talker.  i love driving in the car with you listening to your little conversations to yourself. too cute!
-you got diarrhea on your daddy for the first time and he freaked out. haha it was pretty funny! you poor thing though... you've had it the last couple days and haven't really wanted to eat that much and have been sooo sad.  teething has never been this bad until now.  at least the tylenol and teething tablets help you out, that is when you actually let me give it you. you're not much a fan of the tylenol.

(she was sick so this is the best we got... she wouldn't even lay down for a second before she would roll over and sit up.  and those are little scratches on her face from being so sad and sick and rubbing/attacking her face.)