Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Luke - 6 months

Luke at 6 months old!

-weighs about 17 pounds (34%),  26 3/4 inches long (51%), and head circumference is 18 inches (97%).
-still nursing twice a night.
-making progress on his morning nap for the last week or so!  going 1.5-2 hours!  still will wake after the first 30-40 minutes but will actually go back to sleep after i give him back his his paci.  this is huge!! now just hoping he can start doing this for his afternoon nap too!
-still wearing some 6 and some 9 month clothes.
-naps in his bed a lot better now!  we retired his swing because he would just pull himself up to sit up in it and not lay down.
-we tried some solids (i made my own and mixed carrots and bananas since that's what i had on hand).  he was not interested at all!  he just wanted to chew on the spoon and would basically spit out every bit or make a disgusted face, like what the heck is in my mouth and why isn't it milk?!  i'm ok with him not being ready yet.  it's just more work and mess and for me anyways.  i just wanted to try it out to see if he'd like it and maybe want to sleep longer at night.  oh well, not yet.
-can sort of sit up for a bit with his arms supporting him.  he'd be able to do it longer if he didn't try and eat his hands so much.
-a rolling machine!  we lay him down on a blanket and find him on the other side of the room or smashed up against some furniture.
-always needs some toy to chew on.

more pictures brought to you by more horrible lighting and focusing...
i would say he was mad that i was two weeks late taking these but really he was mad cause he only took a 30 min and was still so tired.  (he wasn't the only upset about another short nap!)

and alllll he wanted to do was roll over and touch/scratch at that paper!  he might have been more mad that i kept turning him back over, poor buddy.

but loook at the chubby little baby body of yumminess... i just want to scoop it right up and eat it up!