Saturday, December 18, 2010

dancing in the kitchen to christmas music is the best when it's with brian!

i just HAVE to say again what a wonderful husband brian is! tonight i had my grandma, my aunt, and my mom all over for dinner for my grandma's birthday this past week. brian did most of the cooking of which he wasn't even able to eat due to having gallstones AND when he came back home after going to visit his family he put away all left overs and helped clean up the kitchen while us girls finished our game. i think i'm just really happy about this right now because it usually doesn't happen...he does cook (which i love and think is super sexy) but always leaves me to clean up...which is how we like it around here. but i was so surprised of how big of a help he was without even asking! what a GREAT husband! it was a fun night and his yummy dinner was a huge hit!

some recent favorites:
-dancing in the kitchen to christmas music with brian! sooo romantic and lovey :)
-getting over being sick! not a fun past weekend and beginning of the week
-skyping with my brother who is in napal, for the first time tonight!
-lots of holiday baking
-shopping for/wrapping christmas gifts!
-the christmas decorations/tree in my home!
-having a clean home! it's a real good thing i like cleaning it too!.. for the most part.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree!

last year for our first married christmas together we had a big tree and i loved it! but i thought it would be fun to have a little fits a little more nicely in our little apartment and i wanted it to be right in front of our window and since we have a built in table thing over the air conditioning it had to be a little one. and i must say it was MUCH easier to string the lights on!

the stubby little thing before

and after!

i love waking up to it and spending the evenings with it all pretty and lit.

Monday, December 6, 2010

the nutcracker

well i guess it wasn't exactly the nutcracker this year. it had a new twist and was called guess who stole the nutcracker? my sisters alex and jordan, and my brother forrest were all in it this year! it's so weird to not be performing in a big holiday definitely helps set the mood for christmas. besides i miss the theater and all my dancing friends! there is nothing else like it! ....i think that is why i drool over the performances in glee because it just looks like so fun and what a life that would be to do that allll the time with all those fun people!
oh to dream.

thanks mom for always driving us to classes and long rehearsals!

jordan & alex

liana and i have known each other since our underwear was showing through our tights
and leotard when we were five dancing together at sdcyb!
now she has lots of little students of her own!

best little doll in party scene ever! well besides when i did it :)

what's a show with out going out to eat after??

mom & dad