Saturday, March 14, 2015

Luke is ONE!

i can NOT believe this is happening!  HOW is my baby one already?!  things get much easier as they get older but it's sad how fast they grow.

Luke at 1 year old
-says bye-bye, mama, and dada
-waves, claps, kisses, dances, just started consistently pulling himself up onto things, still army crawls, just learned to go from laying down to siting up on his own.
-takes two good naps.
-wakes around 7am. naps around 9am and 1/2pm and in bed between 7-8pm.
-is pretty picky compared to his sister.  the only solid produce he'll eat is strawberries, which he LOVES and cries/yells when they are gone.  it's pretty cute!  so even though he can eat all solids i still feed him purees (just glad he likes them!) so he'll get in veggies and other fruits.  as of right now he likes yogurt, cheese, eggs, hot dogs and meatballs sometimes, some crackers, Italian food, bread, and that's about it.  i'm always offering new things! but the kid doesn't even care for cheerios, even tried honey nut ones! but give him yogurt and strawberries and lasagna and he'll cry and yell for more when it's gone!
-still has an easy going temperament and is such a big mamas boy.  i kind of love it! especially when he opens his mouth real big with this little growling/laughing sound as he tries to kiss/eat all of my face.  so slobbery but so wonderful.
-goes to sleep great on his own but loves a little cuddle and song before he starts diving for his bed.
-we stopped breastfeeding completely this week and i'm a little sad about it (even though at the same time i was looking forward to being done i didn't know it'd feel so sad about it in the end).  he kind of wasn't that interested anymore.  he liked to flop himself all over our bed instead of nurse (and if there was any other tiniest little distraction he could care less about nursing) so it was easy to wean him.  and i did it gradually too so it was great on both of us! he never cried for it and no pain for me!
-luke LOVES the bath (if he sees me getting it started and he isn't in yet or i take him out when he's done he is not happy!), his daddy and sister quinn, balls, and being outside.
-he gets a little unsure and cautious or shy of new people, environments, or situations.  it's fun seeing how different his and Quinn's personalities are!
-he is the sweetest, loveliest little baby boy.  i love when he sees me for the first time when i come home from being out, or when i get him out of bed, he gets SO very excited that his whole body shows it!

(6 days old)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Luke - 10 months

Luke at ten months old!

-so close to one i just can't believe it!  i'm a little bit in denial!  but he's still so much of a baby so i'm just trying to keep it that way for a bit longer :)
-eating purees about twice a day now!  won't eat a veggie without some fruit mixed in but the fact that he's eating something is big improvement.  baby steps!
-and hello constipation!  poor boy :( even with just fruits and veggies his system is used to only breastmilk and so far only glycerin suppositories have done the trick.  but it was still a painful, sad, and sweaty event for him.
-down to two naps a day, finally.  naps about 9am and 1pm.  in bed about 6:30/7pm and up for the day about 7am.
-fiiiinally only nurses once during that 12 hour night sleeping stretch, usually around 11pm.
-wearing 12 month size clothes.
-still perfecting the fast army crawl, and still can't sit up for more than a minute or two on his own before he's falling over.
-he's just such a happy, chill baby that he's not in much of a rush to do things and i'm okay with that! (cause i don't need two quinn's around here!)
-he does love to stay busy playing.
-for a baby that doesn't cry much he has definitely started to let out a mad/sad cry in protests to what he wants, and it's pretty cute.  like if i'm holding him while i shut the front door he is not happy because he wants to go outside, or when i take him out the bath or away from something he really wants to play with.
-had his first trip to the store in the cart but ended up sliding himself down so he wasn't sitting upright no matter how many times i adjusted him. lazy little bum :)

we just love our handsome, sweet boy and can't get enough of his endless smiles and funny faces.

*target was out of our calendar for his monthly pictures when i went last.  sooo i guess another target trip is need very soon.  bummer! :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Luke - 9 months

Luke at nine months!

-not too much has changed from last month but...
-he has six teeth now! four on top two on bottom.
-he is a crazy fast army crawler getting everywhere and anywhere!
-he loves balls and isn't always occupied or excited by baby toys anymore.
-working on offering foods more often and he'll take a few bites without spitting it out now but doesn't want much past that.  the very first bite he makes a face like it's a lemon or something crazy haha.

and we'll just pretend these blurry pictures were not taken one week before he turns ten months :)