Wednesday, December 21, 2011

this past month...

i am currently 35 weeks today but here is some belly for you at 33 weeks.

-the doctor confirmed today that she is head down! i already kinda knew that because when she has hiccups i feel them way low and i can feel her little legs and arms attacking my ribs. just hope she stays head down for the next five weeks!

-we took the childbirth prep classes offered by the hospital. so glad we chose to do it in one weekend though, (9-3 sat/sun) instead of once a week for six weeks. even though i knew everything that was brought up in the class regarding L&D (i know.. i'm a crazy person and have been obsessed with this stuff since i was in kindergarden so nothing was knew to me) i'm still glad we spent that $75. i think it was helpful to brian and i did get to learn our hospital's specific policies and procedures, which have made me a lot less nervous about a hospital birth! not that i would ever do a home birth. i believe that modern medicine is here for a reason in case of those emergencies. but when it is not an emergency, birth is not a medical event that needs a lot of intervention. but it seems things have changed at the hospital front from ten years ago and they seem to really be hands off and willing to let you have choices and a say in what goes on. for some reason i thought i wouldn't get that unless i really stood up for myself and didn't let them take advantage of me being a first time mom. just glad to know it won't feel like i'm on an assembly line and that i have options.

-i've been having so much fun making things for her little room and getting things ready. i know, i know she doesn't and won't care one bit. but come on, this is the fun part! so far i've sewed her crib sheet, changing pad cover, painted/filled frames, made a mobile, sewed some fancy burp rags, made a few flowers and bows for headbands (i'm still hesitant to put them on the actual elastic yet because i don't know what size i want them. i want to get the most use out of them and who knows if she'll have a small or big head.), and have washed all newborn size clothing (what is it about that tiny size that makes them to die for?? even if it's just a plain pair of grey leggings.. i'm still in love with them!). still left on the list is... paint the changing table, sew the bed skirt and pillow for chair, chose coordinating fabric for the crib blanket that her great-grandma is making as a gift, buy our carseat and stroller, and have the cutest little baby to cuddle all day long! hopefully her room comes together nicely and i'll share some pictures soon :)

-as for none related baby things around here. well there really isn't much. we're just too excited! okay we have gone to an aztec game, bought and decorated our christmas tree together! which was such a fun night! (the lady at the check out at home depot, who i think didn't see my belly under my coat, asked if it was our first christmas together because we apparently looked so cute picking out a tree. aww good to know it still looks like we like each other haha), went to brian's cousin's wedding, and i had my mom and grandma over for a yummy homemade dinner for their birthdays. lucky brian did get to go on a snowboarding trip to tahoe with a few buddies for a long weekend. halfway into the first day though he hit his head really hard. so hard that that was the end of snowboarding for him for the rest of the weekend. i felt so bad he didn't get much fun in :(

hope everyone's christmas preparations are going great! i can't believe how fast it has snuck up! i feel like i have to the best gift ever but i'm not allowed to open it...