Wednesday, October 28, 2009


okay i really want to start my externship in January when my semester starts! and i need to get all the paperwork completed ahead of right now! but the place i found, best start birth center, is like oh we aren't not taking any externs right now just try again later when you want to start but it doesn't work that way. so i'm getting a little frustrated! and i can only leave them messages and they call me back. yesterday, when they did call me back, the call was lost and and so i couldn't call them back because of the blocked number!! now i'm waiting for them to return my message once again! i'm praying that they will let me do it with them because i can't seem to find anywhere else and i don't know what else to do!

so if anyone knows a doctors office or clinic in san diego that takes medical assisting externs please let me know!!! :)