Monday, October 11, 2010

week off from work equals lots of free time. i just need my very own baby girl to test out the ones that would look silly on a grown-up.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

YES on Prop D Please.

I love General Conference! What I don't love is that Brian has a very high chance of loosing his job if Prop D does not pass. And if he does get cut then we would have to move to a new city that's hiring. And if we move to where ever that new city is we would probably be there for good. Living somewhere new sounds super exciting but I wouldn't want to be there forever and not have our kids live close to all of our family. Not to mention that most other cities are in the same position as us and so they are also getting rid of cops. This is definitely going to be a big trial for us and a time when we need to hear and listen to the words of the Lord. That is why I'm so grateful to start this month off with Conference! This is time when I am so thankful for my testimony of prayer and the experiences I've had in the past to gain a testimony of prayer. I know that what ever road we are lead to might not be easy but it will be the right one for us as a family. I just wish I could take away the stress from Brian and make all this stop so he isn't so down. And I really wish this didn't put a stop to our plan for babies cause that makes me sad more than anything! well i should stop here before i continue to vent all night...