Wednesday, November 27, 2013

more of summer


^^^we spent the 4th of july at the schimpf's swimming and playing.^^^

i can't wait until next summer because swimming with this girl is too much fun!  it was one of those things i always imagined doing before i had her and seeing her love the water this year made my momma heart so happy.

^^^quinny got in some one on one time swimming with daddy while i was sick at home one day... 
he is THE BEST!^^^

she's obsessed with her daddy to say the least! we got pretty lucky.

^^^bug's all the same :)  this was her favorite toy for the longest time!^^^

^^^we discovered how much entertainment we can get out of a paper bag or a bug catcher.  this girl loves her bags!^^^

^^^grandpa (her most favorite person in the world!) + water = heaven on earth for this baby^^^

^^^the results of so much excitement for the water.^^^

^^^ducky lover napping away in the camper. (thank goodness for that thing too cause noise and sleeping do not go together for this girl.)^^^

we ended the month with the best mini vacation.  we could only go beach camping for one night and day but i was sooo glad we did and it ended up being just enough camping for quinn.  she loved the water but hated the sand so one full day of sun was more than enough for her!  

Monday, November 11, 2013

summer fun


i ran my first 5k (which actually wasn't a full 5k so for this non runner it turned out to be super easy!)

and the same morning i was up running my beautiful friend haley was pushing this cute little guy out like a pro!  so glad i got to meet him on his birthday on the same hospital floor where i was with quinn... i got way too emotional and i think that's what made me think it was a good idea to do it again(?!?).  seriously, nothing like meeting a baby straight from heaven and watching your close friends become mothers! 

ski beach with family is always one of my favorite parts of summer.

quinn likes (LOVES) the water much than she did last year as a baby so we took advantage of grandma and grandpa's pool!  

fun with cousins!

we switched to one nap at 17ish months and so i got lots of yummy baby snuggles those first few days when she was making the transition.  she would pass out on me in minutes (since she was an infant it has always taken her forever to fall asleep so i was loving this!)

and quinny got her first beautiful baby girl cousin, rosie!

we are still alive over here... and with big news!

a baby boy is coming our way!!!  (which is partly why i've been neglecting our corner of the internet as of late, besides that i'm the biggest procrastinator!)  things are muuuch better now that we are almost 21 weeks along (tomorrow).  but boy does pregnancy suck the life, and barf, out of you or what?!  just so glad that most of that part is behind us now and i can finally start to feel like a person again.  

we are due march 25th.  quinn and baby boy will be exactly two years and two months apart and yes, i am so nervous for two!  and can i please say, are boy names like the hardest thing ever or what?!  you see i like names that are not too common but not too crazy weird either.  with girls i feel like there are sooo many options for that name in between "not too common" but "not too weird".  but with boys there isn't that in between.  you either go a little out there, which husband is not gonna go for, or you go with something you know there are five more of them out there.  with that said, i think we might have already agreed on a name.  it wasn't my top choice and i'm still on the hunt for something i like more and is a little less common but we'll see!  we've got time right :)  soooo if you've got some suggestions you're willing to share send them my way!