Saturday, January 28, 2012

She is here!!!

Quinn Leia Schimpf
January 24, 2012 @ 12:39am
5 pounds 15 ounces & 19 inches
27 hours of labor

(birth story to come!)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

just weeks away

currently 37.5 weeks.
which means we are currently kind of in shock that it could really be anytime now!
her head is niiice and comfy down there.
so we have mastered the pregnancy waddle.
sometimes i feel like my hips/tailbone are about to crack into pieces.
we don't have much of an appetite but when i get hungry i am instantly starving!
17 lbs. gained so far the doctor says.
but i reminded them that my first weight check wasn't until 12 weeks and i had gained five pounds by that time (which i was counting). but they said they won't count that.
but either way, 17 or 22 lbs. is fine by me!
as of wednesday the doctor says there is no change in my cervix but the babe is definitely right there.
i could have told you that doc... feels like i got punched in the vagina.
chocolate and heartburn are best friends :(
tums and pepcid ac are my best friends.

surprisingly i'm not in the 'get her out' stage yet like everyone said i would be.
it's actually kind of annoying when people say... oh this is the worst part/i bet you just want her out already... or anything along those lines.
as much as i am uncomfortable & anxious to finally meet her i know that recovery will be even worse.
i also want to enjoy this last time i have with just my husband.
and i want her to come when she is good and ready. stressing/wondering about making her come 'now' won't do my body any good anyways.

brian on the other hand (since he learned in birthing class that semen can induce labor) says we need to go collect a whole bunch (i guess his isn't enough), inject it in me and have this baby already.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

it's the most wonderful time of the year

the holidays seriously were the most wonderful time of the year this past year! having this little babe growing away in me just makes it all so much more wonderful. i can't explain it but it is just the best feeling. i have the best gift i could ever ask for right here... kinda sucked i couldn't open it Christmas morning though :)

lucky us we had lots of Christmas celebrations with all the family and we didn't have to miss out on any of them! with both of our families right here in san diego it works out better than expected for Christmas. everyone does a different night so we aren't forced to choose one or the other. love that! we thoroughly enjoyed all the family, food, white elephant games, gift exchanges, and thinking about how great it will all be next year when we have our little girl to experience it all for the first time!

our first married new year's eve together (brian wasn't working for the first time since we've been married) went as follows...
woke up together from a late afternoon, or should i say evening, nap,
stayed in our pj's to grab some wendy's,
ate our wendy's watching comedy,
snuggled and watched a movie,
and ended the night together in bed listening to the all the fireworks and honking just outside our window.

it was really was the perfect night. we really enjoyed our time together and had so much fun. truth is, at first i was kinda sad we weren't doing anything "exciting" for the night but it turned out to be just right. besides... what's better than a sleepover with your best friend while spending the night laughing and cuddling!