Thursday, January 15, 2015

Luke - 10 months

Luke at ten months old!

-so close to one i just can't believe it!  i'm a little bit in denial!  but he's still so much of a baby so i'm just trying to keep it that way for a bit longer :)
-eating purees about twice a day now!  won't eat a veggie without some fruit mixed in but the fact that he's eating something is big improvement.  baby steps!
-and hello constipation!  poor boy :( even with just fruits and veggies his system is used to only breastmilk and so far only glycerin suppositories have done the trick.  but it was still a painful, sad, and sweaty event for him.
-down to two naps a day, finally.  naps about 9am and 1pm.  in bed about 6:30/7pm and up for the day about 7am.
-fiiiinally only nurses once during that 12 hour night sleeping stretch, usually around 11pm.
-wearing 12 month size clothes.
-still perfecting the fast army crawl, and still can't sit up for more than a minute or two on his own before he's falling over.
-he's just such a happy, chill baby that he's not in much of a rush to do things and i'm okay with that! (cause i don't need two quinn's around here!)
-he does love to stay busy playing.
-for a baby that doesn't cry much he has definitely started to let out a mad/sad cry in protests to what he wants, and it's pretty cute.  like if i'm holding him while i shut the front door he is not happy because he wants to go outside, or when i take him out the bath or away from something he really wants to play with.
-had his first trip to the store in the cart but ended up sliding himself down so he wasn't sitting upright no matter how many times i adjusted him. lazy little bum :)

we just love our handsome, sweet boy and can't get enough of his endless smiles and funny faces.

*target was out of our calendar for his monthly pictures when i went last.  sooo i guess another target trip is need very soon.  bummer! :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Luke - 9 months

Luke at nine months!

-not too much has changed from last month but...
-he has six teeth now! four on top two on bottom.
-he is a crazy fast army crawler getting everywhere and anywhere!
-he loves balls and isn't always occupied or excited by baby toys anymore.
-working on offering foods more often and he'll take a few bites without spitting it out now but doesn't want much past that.  the very first bite he makes a face like it's a lemon or something crazy haha.

and we'll just pretend these blurry pictures were not taken one week before he turns ten months :)