Sunday, October 23, 2011

26 weeks.

lets see... at 26 weeks
-i've started to feel the heart burn coming back.
-occasional leg cramps.
-lots and lots of braxton hicks. they aren't really painful just super uncomfortable.
-feeling little body parts up in my ribs.
-having a really hard time going to sleep at night.
-i seem to get really hungry at night. but that might be that i could not be getting enough during the day.
-getting more emotional.
-foods we are loving: honey flavored greek yogurt (i could eat it at ever meal if i let myself!), preferably the lucerne brand...i noticed a difference when i got yoplait once but lucerne is definitely better!, kiwi, banana, and string cheese.
-yoga class is becoming a little bit more difficult. i have hard time taking it easy and not pushing myself like i used to.
-any exercise for that matter is getting difficult. the braxton hicks come full force! can't even power walk at full speed :(
-we haven't agreed on a middle name yet. since Quinn is a name that goes both ways i really want her to have a definite girl middle name. suggestions are welcome! :)
-weight gain: 15 lbs. and belly measurement was exactly on target.
-my face surprisingly has gotten and stayed really clear! i already have skin prone to breakouts and with all the hormones it got worse. but lately it's been awesome and it feels so good to not worry about that when i'm already feeling chubby. hopefully i'm not jinxing myself here!

and to end, a cute husband quote...
almost all the furniture for her room is white and at this point there isn't much else in the room/on the walls to liven it up yet. so brian thinks it's so boring and plain and was complaining about it. i tried to explain to him the rest of my plans for the room and that there is more color coming. i told him at least i'm not doing some crazy, frilly pink and purple princess theme and he replies, "well that would be fine because she is my little princess".

Thursday, October 6, 2011

a little more belly...

(24 weeks)

because who doesn't love a little baby bump!? right? ...well sorry if you don't.
but let's be honest here and just say that this is officially becoming Quinn's blog.
it seems to be the most exciting thing going on around here so i just can't help myself. don't worry i'm sure we'll all get used to it :)

this little big bump and i have made it six months together! oh do i just love my growing bump! sometimes i go into her room and just sit. and be reallly happy. i think about what it will be like being a family of three. what it will be like when my nights become a routine of bath time, stories, and lots of cuddling... and of course the occasional poopy blowouts and tantrums.
but i'm pretty sure it will all be worth it!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

23 weeks.

taken two days before our 23rd week!

i'm kind of sad that i haven't been that great at documenting my belly growth with fun/creative pictures. these self mirror ones just aren't my favorite.

anyways... meeting this baby seems like it is foreverrr away! the first half of pregnancy really just flew by for me. i'm guessing it's because we kept it to ourselves until our 12 week ultrasound and were so nervous those weeks leading up to it, and then i was half dead until 18 weeks so i feel like i did nothing, and next came just looking forward to finding out the sex and if she had all her body parts. but now that we know this pregnancy is a keeper, she is healthy, and i'm feeling much better it's going much slower. i'm not complaining i just can't wait to meet our sweet girl that is going to melt our hearts! i really am enjoying feeling her move and also these last few months of life baby free.

lately i've been playing music on my phone and pressing the speaker right up against my belly. boy does she go crazy over it. not sure if it's because i'm bothering her or if she actually likes it. sorry baby, we'll never know and i like feeling you move too much to stop.

and just so i never forget because it was so cute...
husband was hugging me/giving belly a rub goodbye before i left for work last week and he asked "can you leave Quinn here?" haha i just about died! brian isn't the sensitive/feeling kind of guy so when he says little thing like that it just melts my heart and shows me he really is excited for his little daughter.