Sunday, September 20, 2009

sundays are my favorite :)

today was our first sunday attending our new ward! i was nervous at first just not knowing what to expect from it but it was a great day at church. everyone was so friendly and welcoming. i've decided i really like family wards so much more than singles wards. not just because i'm married but there is just a different feel. it not a big feeding frenzy or fashion show, people smile more. i absolutely love sitting next to my loving husband during church and feeling the spirit enrich our lives. yay for a day of rest!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


dang i don't know where to start! well brian starts his new schedule this week. which i am trying to decide if i will like or not. the good part is he gets thursday, friday, saturday off but the bad part is that he works from 9pm-7am. so he'll get off thursday morning and not go back until sunday nights. i am sooo excited he has the weekends off and we can finally go to church together! sundays are really my favorite day so i'm glad we can share them together now :) i'm so grateful for a hard working husband who loves his job!
i am nannying for four different families, i know crazy but i just do one day a week for each of them. i kind of like it that way cause then i don't get tired of the same old thing everyday. and i'm also taking an online english class through byu-i. which i'm figuring out is a lot more work than i would be doing if i was just going to class. a lot more than necessary really! but its nice to have some obligation to school work, even if it's not always that fun, since its been really weird for me not going back to a full load of school. i truly miss byu-idaho and have recently been really sad about not going back. before i was sad to leave it but so excited to too because that meant no more good-byes. but now that everything is settled i'm now realizing i really am done with that wonderful chapter of my life. each semester was a time for me to grow and strengthen who i was and what i believed in. it was chance for me to really dance and learn with and by the spirit. i just have to remind myself to take what i found at that school and bring it with me where ever the rest of my life takes me.
so our lives recently have been busy with lots of working, lots of gift returns and shopping(which we are glad to be done with), decorating/organizing our lovely home, seeing WICKED which was amazing and we sat sooo close i couldn't get enough of it!, ski beach where i went wake boarding for the first time! and brian skied for the first time in a long long time...we were both extremely sore for the next few days after that, i've started rehearsal for The Nutcracker and i am very excited to still be able to dance and that brian encourages me to, and we've been having family home evening with our lovely married friends, the prices, which has been lots of fun!

Monday, September 14, 2009

wedding slideshow!!!

watch here:
ahh i can't stop watching it! it was just such an amazing day and photos are letting me relive it :)

soon you will be able to click on the little shopping cart at the bottom of the slide show page to view all the photos from our fabulous best day ever!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


..we are MARRIED!!! we don't have to say good-bye for months at a time anymore and we don't have to rely on the phone to get us through the days! we have each other forever and always and it has been a fabulous first few weeks of marriage. we could not have asked for a more perfect wedding day. it was seriously perfect in every way and i always wish i could go back and relive it again. our temple sealing was beautiful, full of family and friends and the spirit. even the weather was not too hot for a summer day in was perfect! our pictures weren't too much torture either :) our reception was more than i ever could have asked for or imagined! i can't thank everyone enough who helped make it such a beautiful night! i'm off to dance class so there will be more to come later about our awesome honeymoon, and i will be making more of an effort to blog more often!