Saturday, May 17, 2014

Luke - 2 months

Luke at two months old!

-thankfully your growth spurt didn't last forever but it was a good two weeks or so long!
-nursing every 3 (give or take a half hour) hours during the day.  last feeding for the day between 8-9pm and asleep for the night about an hour after that or sooner if you didn't take your last nap well.  then up once to eat in the night anytime between 3-5am.  most of the time you go right back to sleep but sometimes it takes a little more rocking and convincing you to stop smiling at me!  then up for the day anywhere between 7:30-8:30am.
-awake span is about an hour (including feeding time) so your first nap is always an hour after you wake up.  we try to keep an eat, play, sleep routine and it makes things much easier!
-likes to be swaddled with a paci to sleep.  
-likes to fight naps often and takes some good rocking to get you to fall asleep.  if i'm lucky you'll fall asleep in your swing once we swaddle you.
-besides sometimes fighting naps you are a great baby!  really only cry for a reason to let us know you're hungry, need to be put to sleep, or have big poop or burp coming.
-loves the bath if you're not cold and napping in the moby wrap.
-you don't talk much (but quinn was a talker from the start so i don't know any different) so we hear little coos every now and then but not often.  
-you are SUPER smiley especially when we talk to you up close.  you love that!
-had your first evening beach trip with the family.  i forgot to get any pictures of you cause you slept in the ergo on me for the first part and then we left after i fed you.  but the short time you were awake i laid you on the towel after you had just eaten and you looked like you were loving the wind and taking it all in.
-not a fan of your carseat all the time.
-finally had your first trip to church on mother's day.  surprisingly, you stayed asleep in your carseat for all of sacrament meeting and longer!  
-wearing size 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers.

(i don't have a good camera nor do i really know what i'm doing when it comes to taking pictures so bare with me on the bad lighting and quality of these!)

it's amazing how much you look like quinn did but just in a boy version!