Monday, February 10, 2014

two years old...

Quinn at two years...
-weight: 21 pounds (1%)
-height: 33 inches (33%)
-still as busy and active as ever.
-talks non stop all the time and says new words almost every day.
-some of her favorite things: the park, she could stay on the swings for forever, animals but especially cats and dogs and pandas, the zoo, babies, grandma and grandpa, bubbles, ballons, her nails painted, showing off her painted nails, showing off her shoes, stirring things in the kitchen with us, playing with her play kitchen, her daddy, any cup that isn't her's that is in her reach (watch out! she is fast too!), washing her hands, bubbles baths, running (seriously, she asks all the time to run on the grass at our apartments, and loves to run circles around the house),  wrapping, rocking, feeding and changing her baby, stuffed animals, a few favorite baby einstein episodes off of youtube: on the go, most animal ones, the sign language one (she does not/will not watch other shows or movies! i've tried them all! never thought i'd want my child to sit and watch something but sometimes it would be nice.  she's just too busy and not interested!)
-some of her favorite songs: wheels on the bus, itsy bitsy spider, ring around the rosie, and mary had a little lamb.
-she loves books but has a large stack of favorites that we read once or twice day: baby bear, baby bear, what do you see?, good night moon, i like bugs, where's baby's mommy?, and more.
-favorite foods: peas (lots of peas!), strawberries, mini frozen tacos, yogurt, anything with some kind of dip, scrambled eggs with catsup, peanut butter! (like spoonfuls!), pizza, green beans, hummus, string cheese, loooves pickles, noodles or mac n cheese...
-oh and she out grew her dairy allergy!  we tested her with some dairy at 18 months and no reactions happened and she did great!  although she doesn't really care for milk, even chocolate milk!, so she never drinks it.  thankfully she does love yogurt and string cheese so most breakfasts are a big serving of a full fat yogurt, and she loves her gummy calcium supplements.
-she can be very social and friendly but can also be very shy and cautious depending on the stranger.  
-can put her shoes on and off by herself and with a little help her socks and pants.
-loves other kids but can be a little bit of a bully if they are her size or smaller.  but has definitely gotten better at being nice (not taking their toys/pacifiers, sharing, and being soft) to the littler ones since she comes with me to nanny... it's given her lots of good practice and i've seen a big improvement.
-very stubborn and knows exactly what she wants, or doesn't want.
-wakes up around 7am, takes one 2-3.5 hour nap at about 12:30pm, and in bed by 8pm.
-loves her crib and will play/talk in it for a good amount of time in the mornings so i don't have to rush in right away... yes i am taking advantage of this before baby boy comes!  (doesn't really mean i get to sleep in because i can hear her but when you're not a morning person it's nice to wake up slow and not have to rush to a crying baby.)
-wears size 12-18 months but some are getting a little short but then she is too skinny for most 2t sizes. (thank goodness for leggings!)  just tall and skinny and a little in between sizes i guess.  size 5 shoes if they aren't too wide/bulky.