Monday, July 21, 2014

Luke - 4 months

Luke at four months old!

-you're getting so big! i just pulled out your next size clothes, 3-6 months.  and we're using up the last of our size 2 diaper and on to size 3.
-all of the sudden you decided you did not want to be swaddled for sleeping anymore.
-you LOVE watching quinn.  you will crank your head as far as it can go just so you can keep watching her, where ever she's off to.  and you get a little excited when you start to hear her coming.
-you rolled over from tummy to back for the first time on june 23rd.  you've only done it once since then. but you can rotate around while on your back... i'll set you down one way and look back later and you've twisted around facing another way.
-still working on getting past those short naps.
-you sleep better though if we're out on the go since your carseat is moving or you're in the ergo. so most mornings we try and get out and you'll get a great morning nap while quinn plays.
-nursing once a night still and for a little while it was back to twice a night but it think you were going through a growth spurt.
-you nurse really fast, like 3-7 minutes per side! (unless you're really tired) but you are obviously getting enough cause you're getting more and more chunky by the day!
-you're just a smiley, cuddly, content little man who likes a good mommy cuddle when he's tired.