Monday, June 14, 2010

birthday vegas trip

on our way to vegas baby!

this sweet man's birthday was june 10th

old guy is no longer in his early 20's.
so we celebrated it with a little weekend get away.
we left thursday but made sure we got a healthy birthday breakfast...
which includes come code red and el ranchito.

side note-we officially suck at taking pictures which makes me sad when its time to leave and i only have a total of four pictures to look back on.


the sweet sounds of glee filled our long car ride.

of course the best part of vacation for me is getting a lot this...

the stress just drifts away when i'm not at home and therefore i can sleep so much better without my mind running in circles about what needs to get done.

but of course we fit in the fun stuff.
we did a lot of walking around all of this.
i think the most entertaining part was just watching and looking at all the crazy people that you see in place like this.

and unfortunately walking though all the hotels we got to smell too much of this...

which was the worst for me!

we ate at one of these.

i don't remember which one we went to but it seemed like it was mostly sea food which neither of us like. i was hoping for some good orange chicken people!

we saw a musical here.

went here, checked it out...

and then decided to ride this instead. which was super fun!
our condo had a nice big jacuzzi tub.
which sounds really nice right about now!

and boy do i love this guy! we had such a great time! it's so crazy to think that we can spend almost every minute together for four days and i still can't get enough of him! but i don't know if he could say the same haha.

now time to prepare for camping on the lake with the schimpfs at don pedro!
super stoked for no showers and no running water!
but really. i am looking forward to lots of sun, water, reading, an excuse for no make-up, and family!