Monday, June 17, 2013

before and after

recently we changed out are large black ikea wall unit of an entertainment center and did something i am totally and completely in love with!  i did like our old one because it had so much open shelving to decorate but having something smaller and bright has made the room look so much bigger and open, which i love!  not to mention the style of this very old dresser is much more me and when i walk downstairs in the morning and see how happy and bright our living space looks i can't not smile about this lovely piece in our home.  

the only before picture we got that thankfully brian remembered to take.  the two missing drawers did come with it but he had just taken them out since that was our plan.  

we got the thing for twenty bucks off of craigslist and thanks to brian and his dad it turned into this with a lot of work.  it needed lots of sanding, new drawer guides, new wood to make the missing drawer spaces actual shelves, and i think a couple of the drawers were fixed as well.  between those things and the paint i am SO glad we did not spend more than we did on it.  although if we would have found one for more it probably wouldn't have been as much work brian says.  but i know it wouldn't be as old and as cool as the one we were lucky enough to find!  

a little Quinn update...

what was i thinking with this whole posting every week?!  i obviously am no good at keeping up our depressing little corner of the internet.  but since i do enjoy looking back at old posts as our family grows i will continue on for journaling purposes.  not saying it will happen often but i will force myself to share the things i want to remember months down the road when my baby is no longer seeming very baby-ish.  

so what better way than to start back up with a little of what i'm best at and give an update of an almost 17 month old baby Quinn... oh man, that is so close to 18 months i almost can't believe it!  i mean my baby will be a year and a half so soon?!?  why does that feel so old to me?!  

-at almost 17 months (in a week) quinn can say: cup, shoe, mama, dada, duck, bye, hi, cracker, no, sit, nana (banana), noes, eye, moon, milk, dog, go, and probably a few more i can't remember.  and a few things she made up but we know what they mean... for example: dodo means bird and gaga means belly.  i have no idea how she got gaga out of belly.  and she has A TON of baby gibber jabber that is coming out none stop all day and just too cute and funny.

-she loves, loves, loves being outside, her dad, dogs, birds, cats (or almost any small moving animal), books, her grandparents (she cries for them over me! i mean really! it's true love!), playing with/in water, stuffed animals, and baby dolls.

-she can say the animal noises to a duck, dog, cat, cow, sheep, snake, monkey, and chicken.

-i could be better about this but she picks up simple signs super fast! like after only teaching it to her once she gets it! i don't really teach her the sign if she can verbally say it but she can sign for the words more, eat, milk, bath, cereal (which is oatmeal to her), up, sleep, baby, ball, help, and thank you.  once i start learning more hopefully she will too!  some of the signs are a little complicated for her so she'll make her own version that is close but at least we still understand it.

asking for more crackers while waiting for her 15 month shots :(

-she is 18lbs and some ounces i can't remember, wears 9-12 months clothing, size 3-4 shoe, and size 3 diapers.

-she still can't have any dairy because of her allergy to it but luckily she will drink goat milk and i she loves coconut milk yogurt (thank you trader joe's!!).

loving apples, skin and all!

-she is up around 6:30-7am and will play nicely in her crib if she gets up really early until i get her just after 7.  still takes two naps 9am and 1pm.  but we cut the first one shorter otherwise the second one doesn't happen.  every once in a while if she sleeps past 7am she can get by with one nap for the day.  in bed around 7:30pm.

-she is an extremely busy girl and almost none stop go all the time.  happy when she wakes up (there is no cuddling/slow waking up).  she is so goofy and silly and so much fun.  she will fake laugh when she hears others laugh.  she is very sensitive and a little drama queen about the silliest things, and very stubborn.  she points at things that she knows she isn't allowed to touch or play with saying "no, no, no, no" in the cutest voice!  sometimes she says it while actually doing whatever the 'no' is and other times she leaves it alone.  she loves to try and put her shoes and pants on and most of the time gets the pants on until her diaper bum. 

 there are other fun things we've done in the last couple months that i need to catch up on but i mostly wanted get down what i know about our quinn right now before she gets a minute bigger and i forget or she learns something else new.  things are really good being a family of three with this ball of fun and we are enjoying it all so so much!