Thursday, August 21, 2014

Luke - 5 months

Luke at 5 months old!

-on the 12th of august Luke turned 5 months and i also had an appendectomy so i still don't have any calendar pictures yet (recovery has been real fun!) but i wanted to get to writing so i don't forget anything and before he gets any bigger!
-since a couple weeks ago rolling from back to belly every chance he gets!  the very second we lay him down on the floor he flips right over to his belly but then isn't good at rolling to his back so most of the time after he's decided he is done on his belly he just cries.  it's a real fun stage! we can't lay him down not in some kind of seat buckled up if we need to get something done for more than two seconds.
-getting pretty good at holding onto a toy.
-alllllways smiling!  like even when he is so tired... the second he sees you he just can't help it and gets the biggest grin.  one flirty boy!
-laughs the best and the most when he's over tired (which he is a lot of the time due to short naps alll day long) must get that tired, slap happy thing from mom :)
-trying really hard to inch worm around while on his belly.  he gets the butt and legs working but then his arms just get stuck underneath his chest haha
-some of his 6 month clothes are even too small now! (if they run smaller) and can even fit in some 6-9 month stuff.  so chunky!
-still loves a good cuddle when he's tired.
-drool king!  and because he has pretty sensitive skin he gets a rash if he sits in wet drool clothes so i'm either changing his clothes or a bib multiple times a day.
-stiiiiill torturing us with 30-45 min naps (which means i never get a nap) and waking lots at night... some days my goal is only to survive and keep my kids alive and happy. (i figure i can sleep, exercise consistently, wear make-up, and have a clean house in like 30 years right?!)  but for how much of a non-sleeper (if that is a thing..?) he is still a happy, content babe!

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