Thursday, October 2, 2014

Quinn update - 2 1/2 years old!

I meant to write down some things about Quinn at 2 1/2 which was back on july 24th.... but here we are sometime later.  She's still the same with just a little more sass and bossiness to her :)

-Quinn is non-stop busy, active, loves life, talkative, a dare devil when it comes to "going fast", very concerned and emotional when someone is hurt or sad, smart, sensitive, loves babies and kids, especially ones a little bigger than her, stubborn but most of the time easily redirected or distracted, observant, silly, very detail oriented... it has to be just so
-her vocabulary and diction for her age is completely amazing!  i hear it everyday so to me it's normal but almost every time when we are out and about someone comments on it.  one example that shows how sometimes i don't even notice... we had just gotten to the park from running around the lake and were there for maybe only two minutes when another mom asked how old quinn was.  i thought she was asking because of her size and so i said almost 2 1/2, she's just small.  and the lady was like oh no her vocabulary is amazing.  i honestly didn't even hear quinn talking those first couple minutes we had been there!  so who knows what she was saying in that short time!
-and she doesn't stop talking. like EVER.  and you must repeat what she has said... not a simple reply like "oh ok, quinn." ...exactly what she says! or she will keep on saying it fifty times over.  sometimes it's real fun.
-she is tall and skinny.  and gets so so tan very easy! lucky girl has her aunt stacie's skin!
-loves her "new baby" like it's the only thing in the world!  it's the one that she got as a gift from Luke when he was born.  she is constantly putting Luke's clothes and diapers on it.  she changes a diaper better than some adults!  like every little detail i do when changing one she does it just the same.  loves to nurse or bottle feed it, put it to sleep.  but she does it all exactly how i would for Luke.
-she is extremely observant.  (this is why she is so good at taking care of her baby.)  she watches so closely at what i'm (or anyone) is doing to know how to do whatever it is.  even on the playground or where there are other kids she will just stand back and watch.
-she loves all kinds of food but is such a busy girl it can be a struggle to get her to want to eat.  we still buckle her in a booster seat so she isn't up every second while eating.
-loves lots of fruits and veggies and healthy foods but her favorite foods that she would eat for every meal if we let her are: mac n cheese, quesadillas, popcorn, and chips.  but she's the kid that will eat more cut up apples or broccoli and cauliflower than crackers.  i've learned it really does take over 20 times for a kid to like some things! in front of them while talking about how yummy it is and offer it to them enough and they'll learn to love it!
-hates milk though! she'll ask for it and i'll give it to her then a whinny, "i can't like it!" after the tinniest sip with a disgusted face haha.  even if i use it as a base in a fruit smoothie, "i can't like it!".  but a spinach fruit smoothie with oj as the base she'll drink right up!
-she loves Luke and always talks about him and will usually help me if i need a diaper or something but isn't exactly very outwardly lovey towards him yet.  she doesn't ask to hold him much but will gladly (roughly) roll him over or try to wake him if he's sleeping.  and she isn't a fan of him having any toys that she wants.  she has adjusted better than i thought she would but she is definitely more interested in her own "new baby".  everything that is Luke's she needs for her "new baby".  Q in a whinny, high pitch, bossy voice, "that is for my new baby! no Luke can't have it!" haha
-loves to read books and has a handful of them memorized and will read them to herself.  and if it's before nap or bedtime she'll sit still on your lap (which is a rare occasion) and want every single book read to her.
-knows a handful of letters and numbers.  i could be spending more time on this with her though.
-still loves animals, swings, the water, and being outside.
-currently loves to "look for bugs" (did not get that from mom!), to be a dog or baby (when she is a baby she doesn't talk! it's like magic!), do somersaults (a trick), run, swim, take pink bubble baths (or any food coloring she chooses).
-takes a good 2-3 hour nap every day around 1pm.  wakes up around 7am and in bed about 8pm.
-she'll go to the park, sea world, the zoo, and grandma's house any chance she gets.
-likes to negotiate.  it is pretty funny.  she knows that 2 is more than, and that 5 more than 2... but then quickly goes to "a lot in a bowl!" haha.  like the other day she saw my dark chocolate covered almonds... i said okay just one. "2?!" no, just one. "5?! ....a lot in a bowl?!!"
-wears size 2T/3T and size 7 shoe.  weighs about 24lbs, i think, and about 33in tall.
-finallyyyy sits to watch and is interested in movies and shows!

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