Saturday, November 15, 2014

Luke - 7 months

Luke at 7 months old!

-a bottom tooth has popped through!  he was the maddest, saddest little thing.
-he laughs, and loves when i play peek-a-boo with him.
-totally not a fan of purees.  but i gave him some real chunks of banana just smashed with my fingers and he gobbled it up!  only to barf it up about 4 hours later that night in his sleep. dang it!
-wearing nine month clothing.
-still as cuddly and smiley as ever.
-still so good at taking short naps.
-still nursing twice a night.
-makes more sounds now like 'ba' and 'da' and is more verbal, especially when he is tired.
-likes to make little raspberry/fast blowing sounds with his lips.
-loves his exersaucer.
-still just rolling around and chewing on things like crazy.
-such a flirt.
-will NOT take a bottle :( but nurses fast!
-a usual routine for him:

-up around 6/7am, nurse around 6:30/7:30.
-down for morning nap between 8:30-9 (this is why most days when we leave the house for a Quinn activity i am out the door just before 9am so he can get a chance for a good nap in the stroller where ever we are and we aren't having to leave in the middle of his nap or after he's way too tired.) and
(since he takes 30-45 min naps not all days are consistent with his last couple naps.  but sometimes he can get back to sleep after that waking, and get a real nap.  his awake span is about two hours depending on how well he napped the time before.)  
-nurse around 10:30/11.  
-down for second nap, depending on how long his first was, anywhere from 11:30-1:30pm. 
-nurse around 2/3pm and either back down to finish his short afternoon nap, (making for 4 naps) or doesn't nap again until an evening one anywhere from 4-5:30. 
-nursing around 5/6 and in bed for the night between 6:45-7:30 depending on when his last nap fell.
-wakes only to nurse around 10/11pm and right back to sleep.  and again anywhere from 2-4am. a lot of nights he will wake up randomly in between those night feedings just to cry for a second and i'll have to give him his paci.  needless to say, those are the mornings i. am. so. tired.

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